Cutting-Edge Technologies Lead to Customized Solutions

We embrace continuous innovation to build custom solutions fit for your business—no matter what they are. We often start with these kinds of solutions, but the possibilities of what we can do together are endless.

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Software Applications

Custom software solutions specifically fit to your customers' needs and your business's processes, on any screen and in any location.

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Web Apps
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iOS Mobile Apps
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Android Apps

Data Solutions

Machine Learning
Business Intelligence
Predictive Analytics
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Get your data out of silos and into structured schema so you can unlock its maximum value.

IoT Solutions

Join Industry 4.0 so you can monitor or control your machines and people remotely.

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Manufacturing Controls

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Integrated Data Solutions

Emerging Technologies

Forget buzzwords—let's extract value from the cutting edge by using the right technology for innovation in your business.

Our Approach to Technology

Worthwhile’s team of software engineers and digital innovators is experienced in working with a variety of tools and technologies. We deploy technology for our clients based on the custom needs of their business and their users, using the technology principles listed below. If you have a question about a specific technology, please contact us.


Thanks to agile sprint squads, you will receive cloud-native software solutions that can grow and scale as your business does, using born-in-the-cloud architectures that feature containerization, microservices, and CI/CD automation to speed time from the developer's desktop to the user testing environment to the live software application.

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Your business will get architectures that are engineered for site reliability from day one, isolated to allow for deployment of incremental enhancements with minimal disruption, and resilient—gracefully handling interruptions in external integrations or supporting services. Plus, you can expect recoverability plans that ensure your users have access when they need it.

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Your business needs software that is effective and stable. Worthwhile’s SQM includes unit test coverage, peer code reviews, Jenkins coverage of code deployments in a CI/CD environment, and more. At Worthwhile, quality is everyone’s job, whether you’re a front-end engineer, an API developer, a data scientist, a site reliability engineer, or a product manager.

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Whether you’re meeting universal standards for ADA compliance and data privacy and security, or you need to meet a specific regulation like HIPAA or PCI, or launch software that adheres to your corporate IT governance, Worthwhile works with you to identify requirements (including non-functional requirements) and meet them with everything we build.

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You will increase productivity by freeing your employees from repetitive tasks. Plus, Worthwhile’s  skilled deployment team rapidly adapts to your organization’s changing opportunities and sponsor feedback with a CI/CD approach that enables you to push frequent updates before or after your software solution is live.

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Secure software is about more than ports and firewalls—it’s about identity access management, configuration management, and a strong incident management approach. Your security needs are our foremost concern as we create best-in-class solutions that protect your business and your users.

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