Software Solutions that Help You Disrupt Without Disaster

Every mid-size company must become software enabled and data driven. Worthwhile is the most effective way to architect value and transform a mid-market company with today’s technology.

Comprehensive Software Product Design, Development, and Operations


Customer Experience Mapping and Rapid Prototyping

Create a software product strategy, build a detailed business case, and understand your users better than ever

Cloud hosting

Cloud-Native Web & Mobile Applications

Whether you are modernizing a legacy system or creating a new product from the ground up, you can move fast without sacrificing quality

Strategic operations

Strategic Operations & Optimization

Stay fast, secure, and reliable with 24/7 monitoring, proactive management, and incident management

Cutting-Edge Data Science and Analytics


Scalable Data Architecture

Become an API-driven organization through smarter pipelines and integrations

Demand prediction

Elegant Machine Learning & AI

Unlock hidden business value with state of the art tools, predict the future, then use it all to outrun the competition

Intuitive dashboards

Intuitive Dashboards and Data Visualization

Go beyond pretty and drive the right behaviors based on your business data

Trusted Technology Advisory

Technology roadmap

Innovation Strategy and Roadmap

See the big picture, then confidently and quickly narrow your focus to the most valuable initiatives

Team acceleration

Team Acceleration

From CTO to Data Scientist, access a range of specialists to add fractional skills to your team and break through bottlenecks

Team transformation

Team Transformation

Modernize your technology team for a cloud-native world and build a destination culture that stays ahead of change

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