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Worthwhile provides industrial augmentation
for machines, materials and people you already have


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Worthwhile helps OEMs, suppliers, and retailers find hidden profits and efficiencies

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Worthwhile makes your people and machines smarter, faster, better

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Heavy Industry

Worthwhile increases performance and lowers operating costs of heavy equipment you already own

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Worthwhile helps you find efficiencies and make resource extraction healthier for the planet AND your bottom line

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Create New Revenue & Uncover Hidden Profits

Worthwhile manufactures additions to your bottom and top lines with technology innovation. By looking at your people, processes, and systems running your operations, we can find ways to maximize your investments in machinery, tooling, and talent.



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Worthwhile is based in Greenville, SC

Worthwhile has been improving the Carolinas' manufacturing and heavy industries with advanced technologies for nearly 25 years. Greenville's 2015 Small Business of the Year is proud to be part of its thriving downtown and blossoming high-tech community.

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