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Leading Greenville, S.C. and the Southeast in Custom Software

Worthwhile has been a leader of the software development community in our hometown of Greenville, SC and the southeast region since our founding in 1994.

Back then, we pioneered web technologies like streaming audio and ecommerce. Now we're an industry leader in creating custom web and mobile applications and software integrations using Django and Python.

Meet the Team

Micah Brandenburg

VP of Client Engagement

I’m a Rhode Island native who spent 14 years working in the banking industry. During that time, I interacted with all kinds of businesses and saw first hand what makes businesses tick and what makes them special.

That experience shows me that Worthwhile’s culture is unique. The way we live out our values and do great work to serve our clients gives us an unmatched opportunity to grow by helping our clients thrive.

My banking experience helps me see solutions for businesses and communicate them to management teams, and that’s what I enjoy about my role at Worthwhile as well. The way we create solutions using innovative software and beautiful design energizes every conversation I have.

Cory Croissant

Client Solutions Manager

I’m an Illinois native with 15+ years of experience in software development including 10+ years as a project manager. I began my career at Hewitt Associates working my way up through the development cycle to become a lead systems analyst and project manager.

I then moved to South Carolina and worked as a project manager and then development manager at Follett Software, before moving into the finance industry to work in business engineering and project engineering. In that role, I focused on new technology creation.

At Worthwhile, I get to combine my project management expertise with my affinity for the development process to help our clients build software products to serve their business and their customers.

Leslie Ewing

Senior Software Engineer

When I got my foot in the door at Worthwhile in 2008, I started out by learning SEO and gradually moved into website development, which I love.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and 10-plus years of customer service experience. I use both kinds of skills in my role now. As a software engineer, I put the beautiful designs our designers create into HTML, CSS, and jQuery code that browsers understand so that the world can see them.

Ruben Hentzschel

VP of Client Solutions

I grew up in Habitzheim, Germany, a very small town about 30 miles from Frankfurt. My education focused on economics, but when I was 18 I became intrigued with software. It became my hobby and later, in 1996, my career direction.

I have always chosen to work for companies that have an underlying motivation to help people, and that’s what initially attracted me to Worthwhile. Throughout my career in software development, I have focused on creating software with a focus on customers and usability. I’m glad to be part of a team that is passionate about making every interaction—before, during and after we create software—benefit our customers.

Matt Luard

Senior Software Engineer

I grew up in Michigan, and I still live there while I work for Worthwhile.

In 2007 I began working for the Worthwhile team, where I’ve served major national and international software clients, as well as local and regional companies who want to move their business processes into cloud software.

Marty Naselli

Software Engineer

I grew up in Milwaukee, but have settled down in Greenville. Before joining Worthwhile, I worked for about 4 years as a full-stack developer at another firm in Greenville, and then spent a year and a half as a front-end developer at TTI, a large manufacturing company based in Anderson.

I relish the opportunity to help businesses solve their problems using technology, and I’m excited that now I get to use software to create value for all of Worthwhile’s clients.

Robert Neely

Client Strategist

I started my career as a journalist, writer, and editor, first for a magazine, then a newspaper, and then a ministry. This background working with words and concepts has honed the strategic skills I now use for Worthwhile.

The core of my work as a writer and as a client strategist is the same—finding the key ideas, focusing on them, and then presenting them in an accessible way so they can benefit the end users.

Jonathan Pait


I started doing freelance web work in 1994 and started The Worthwhile Company in 1995. In 1996, we incorporated Worthwhile.

I believe that we can do good with our work, through our Web for Good foundation and through our client work as well. I focus my attention on helping the Worthwhile team reach the original vision the company had when I started it 20-plus years ago. I’m passionate about guarding the vision, character and reputation of the company while helping to set its strategic direction.

PJ Passalacqua

Software Engineer

I’m a upstate New York native who moved to Greenville, S.C., in 2008. After graduating with a degree in actuarial science, I took a job as a marketing analyst focusing on statistical analysis. In that job, I saw the need to add software development to my skill set. I discovered that I loved the programming parts of my job, and so I decided to refocus my career on software development. I began studying computer science. My studies took me to The Iron Yard, where I chose to study the Python language because of how well it handles data.

At Worthwhile, I have the chance to work as not only a software engineer but also as a data scientist, focusing on helping our clients manage massive amounts of data in the most beneficial way. My two career paths have united into one that is rewarding and challenging, presenting many wonderful opportunities for me and for Worthwhile’s clients.

Jared Proffitt

Senior Software Engineer

I grew up in a small Texas town that only had one gas station. A friend introduced me to HTML in high school, and it became my hobby—even though we didn’t have internet access at home. I read books and studied HTML files on our computer to learn, and went to coffee shops whenever I could to get online and continue learning.

I moved to South Carolina to study computer science, and as part of my education, I interned at Worthwhile in 2010. After graduating in 2012, I worked as a developer at another local digital firm. When I got the chance to move to Worthwhile, I jumped at it. Now I work with a great team developing software applications using Django and Python.

Robert Roskam

Lead Software Engineer, Software Architect

During my youth, I loved web development and experimented with it by trying to build my own choose-your-own-adventure video games. I studied English literature in college and earned an MBA, then began my career as a researcher for an executive recruiter. My career path led me to three years at Samsung, where I worked in forums support.

That job opened the door for me to finally become a professional developer in 2013 at a financial services firm. I focused there on software integrations and development to support custom business logic. At Worthwhile, I leverage my broad development and business experience and put it to work alongside a team of world-class software developers.

Dan Rundle


I rose through the ranks to become the CEO of Worthwhile. Like many of our team members, I’ve found this to be a great place to learn and grow professionally.

As CEO, my job is to make sure that what we’re doing aligns with our vision, and that how we’re doing it aligns with our values. If I do that, I’m being successful—and so is Worthwhile.

Jonathan Thompson

Software Engineer

My dad has been a programmer for more than 40 years, but I moved into the industry only recently. I love working on mechanical things—I’ve driven a motorcycle every day for a decade, and am currently building a classic bike for my wife. I enjoy the similar challenge of putting things together and making them work in a digital space.

In 2014, I started looking for a more promising career. I discovered that The Iron Yard was a perfect fit for my learning style with its intensive 12-week front-end engineering class. Now I’m continuing to develop my skills by learning the Python language and the Django framework from the remarkable team of developers at Worthwhile. It’s alluring to work in this team environment, and to contribute to such a successful software development business.

Andy Turner

Client Engagement Executive

I joined Worthwhile after 5 years serving as a social media agent and team lead for Alorica. There, I helped provide technical support to help Samsung maintain its social media presence. My degrees are in visual communications and project management, and I’ve successfully completed several freelance design and video production projects.

I’m grateful that I now get to interact directly with clients as part of a technologically savvy team that creates beautiful and effective projects.

Gregory Warner

UI/UX Designer

I've been interested in creative pursuits since I was young. I took art and music lessons for years, and began learning about design and web development as a teenager. When I got to college, I decided to focus on graphic design. I enjoy dealing with anything design related, whether it's laying out user-focused app interfaces or carefully crafting a logo or an illustration.

In design, I find it fascinating to play with opposing poles. I love to balance the old with the new, the organic and expressive with the functionality of digital minimalism to deliver usable and memorable solutions that improve users’ lives. I’m always curious, and I relish the opportunity to bring design solutions to the challenges provided by each new project. Worthwhile and our clients provide those opportunities, so my job is a fulfilling one.

Georg Zimmer

Senior Software Engineer

I bought a Commodore 64 when I was young to play games, but it didn’t take me long to read the manual and start writing BASIC programs. I bought as many programming books as I could find, and eventually I sold several programs for the C-64 as well as an assembler for the IBM PC that was published in a book.

After studying Computer Science in college, I developed a program that integrated multiple systems for a frozen fruit distributor. Then I developed a document management system for a legal company. I came to Worthwhile in 2002 as a software engineer, and soon took over managing the network also. I use my breadth of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of programming languages and architectures to solve problems for our clients and our team.

A Team With Senior-Level Solutions

Worthwhile is a collection of innovative thinkers and world-class creatives and developers with multidisciplinary backgrounds and senior-level experience. Every time you interact with Worthwhile, you're going to deal with an expert in his or her field.

Our experience and expertise let us bring disruptive insights to your business challenges and opportunities. Our team starts with industry best practices, and goes beyond them to create imaginative and insightful solutions. We'll help you understand what you need to build (and what you don’t)—and we'll do it quickly, because our team works purposefully, efficiently, and professionally.

Our Vision and Values

We offer you a No Regrets client experience because of our vision and values. When our team works according to these guiding stars, it makes a difference to our clients and in our work.

Our Vision

  • A MAGNET for companies seeking the most VALUABLE software.
  • A DESTINATION for people seeking the most FULFILLING work.

Our Mission

  • We will entertain an engagement only when the client is SIGNIFICANTLY REWARDED.
  • Our employees' fulfillment will be fueled by our CLIENTS' SUCCESS.
  • Our engagements are successful when our clients request an ONGOING STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIP.



We create a better world with our work.


We ask great questions and aim for the best answer.


We give our word and keep it.


We set ambitious expectations and deliver delightfully.

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