8 Must-Have Roles For Innovative Software Product Teams

Modern software development thrives on collaboration and innovation. But those things don’t happen in a vacuum. It takes intentional design and structure to create an environment where teams can innovate quickly, share ideas, and solve problems.

By Dan Rundle

Within that structure, you also need protocols for standard technical concerns like data management, user experience, and backend services to make sure all contingencies are covered in every project and you aren’t creating technical debt. If any of those concerns fall through the cracks, your project won’t be successful. 

At Worthwhile, we use guilds to make sure all of those bases are covered. Each guild is comprised of a team of developers with a primary technical focus, and each developer is a member of one or two guilds.  

Guilds allow us to accelerate development by allowing a larger team to collaborate on the solution. By enabling team members to specialize and gain expert skills in a smaller domain the whole team can learn at an accelerated pace. To divide work effectively, we have developed 8 guilds centering on essential focus areas. 

Here’s how we break it down:

  1. Architecture – ...