Your Essential Guide to Cloud Native Software Transformation

It’s said that today, to some degree, every company is a software company. To compete, you must be able to master innovation at scale, and traditional software delivery methods are generally ill-suited to the rapid development environment demanded by today’s market. So how can you use cloud native technologies to gain a strategic advantage?

By Mike Storey

Many of the cornerstone brands of modern tech—such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook—learned that the demands of rapid innovation and development often face similar sets of challenges. These new challenges were not well-suited to traditional monolithic software architectures, the traditional software development waterfall project approach, or the culture and  organizational structure of traditional software development shops. Basically these new players turned the software development world on its head, and they showed us how to introduce new innovations at a dizzying pace while providing the scalability and reliability that was once the exclusive purview of banks and hospitals. Cloud Native is a true revolution, one of the most significantly transformative events in the business of software development since the replacement of punch cards with green screen terminals.

A Culture for Software Engineering

This new way of building software starts with the people, and it requires that traditional shops adopt new ...