Choosing the Right Software Solution: Build Vs. Buy

If you’re ready to upgrade your enterprise software or applications, one of the first questions on your list probably sounds something like this: “should we build the software or buy it from a vendor?” But that’s really not the right question to ask these days.

By Mike Storey

With very few exceptions, all systems have taken advantage of reusable service components like databases or code libraries for many years. Choosing the correct service level components can be, in itself, a complicated process that requires understanding of data access patterns, governance, user behavior and other service use metrics. This article does not attempt to delve into the complexities of service level build-vs-buy decisions, but instead focuses on business level decisions and what exactly it is that is being paid for. Cloud native architectures have given us functional level components that are more composable at a business outcome level than previous service based component solutions.

Before cloud computing, the Build vs. Buy decision was largely about who got paid for what part of the solution. The IT Operations department was paid to run the hardware and shared services used by the solution. Then either the IT development team got paid ...