How Your Business Could Benefit from Python Consulting

We live in a trending topic world.

Social media may not have caused this, but it certainly has supercharged the “heard it through the grapevine” mentality.

So it’s no surprise that businesses often buzz about software-related topics. You’ve probably heard of a few of these recent popular talking points:
* Blockchain
* Industry 4.0
* Augmented and Virtual Reality

It may be the case that Python has become one of those buzzwords in your business. It wouldn’t be a surprise—Python is now the No. 2 development language in the world.

But buzzworthiness is not enough to justify a business initiative. You need more information—a lot more information—to see how a trending topic can bring ROI to your business.

And for a specifc software-related topic like Python, that kind of information is based on expertise which takes time to accumulate. That means the quickest way to investigate ROI is by working with an expert in a topic like Python to learn more.

For a business, the best way to do this is through consulting from a Python expert or (even better) a team of Python experts. The same would be true for other tech topics as well, of course, but let’s focus on Python for a minute.

Whether your business is already using software built in Python, or whether your tech stack exclusively deploys Microsoft .NET code, you may benefit from learning more about Python.

Let us tell you three stories to give you ideas of how this could happen in your business.

The Benefit of Learning More

Global Lending Services approached us for help in figuring out how to make Python web services. (A service is basically software whose functionality can be used by different pieces of a tech stack for different purposes. It works to link pieces of software together more holistically.) Global Lending’s tech stack focused on Microsoft .NET applications, and they wanted to see how Python could help them moving forward.

We conducted consulting sessions with Global Lending’s team, and also provided documentation to show them how to set up a Python project from an empty machine.

This consulting has helped Global Lending improve its overall hosting environment, giving them knowledge they’re using as they write an internal service that will give them more flexibility in pricing loans going forward. The consulting helped to clarify their ideas so they could confidently move forward with a development plan that would be worth the investment of time and development resources.

The Benefit of Switching Over

ChartSpan is an exploding medical startup whose office is just a block from ours in Greenville. Their technical leaders wondered whether their Java-focused software stack was the right approach for the next phase of growth.

We trained ChartSpan in the specifics of Django, the Python framework we specialize in, and before long the development team there had written its first Django application.

The speed with which ChartSpan’s team was able to launch a Django app opened leadership’s eyes to the power of Django and Python—to the point that they’re now embarking on a project to rewrite an app with 1 million lines of code into Django.

The Benefit of Adding On

One of the things we’ve noticed over the past year is that engineers are often fond of Python. We’ve heard anecdotes about several recently graduated engineers who learned to use Python in school and are interested in finding out how Python’s capabilities cross into their work post graduation.

This is exactly what led JTEKT’s Eric Dusel to contact Worthwhile. Eric was already a Python user, so it’s no surprise that as he noticed the need for software to fill in the gaps between existing systems, he decided to investigate whether adding a custom Python web application could help. That idea led him to contact Worthwhile, and eventually to champion a project that will generate ROI in 15 months or less.

Eric isn’t the only engineer working in the automotive manufacturing industry with this kind of attraction to Python. His experience shows that any engineer with a similar question about adding a Python app to an existing tech stack could create value for his or company by aggressively investigating what it would take to move forward.

How will you benefit?

These three stories shows that Python consulting can lead to benefits that are custom to your business.

So how will you benefit? There’s only one way to find out—by locating a Python expert you trust, and beginning your learning process.

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