How We Make the Most of Legacy Software Applications

Companies often come to us looking for help in updating their legacy software applications and/or systems.

Legacy software applications help companies do business. They have often been customized to fit a business’s particular processes and needs, which makes them indispensable in day-to-day operations.

Because of this, companies tend to stick with these applications, even as they age. After several years or even decades, the legacy applications can remain reliable, but they usually aren’t as easy to use as other applications.

The good news is that a company like Worthwhile can help you make the most of legacy applications in this situation. Here are four ways:


One approach that often makes sense for our clients is integrating the legacy system with a newer web application or e-commerce system. By connecting the dots between systems, we make the legacy systems more powerful and more useful. The result is a solution that adds value in the present while extending the life of the legacy system.

Refacing and Enhancement

Some companies come to us looking to improve the experience of using their legacy applications, either for their customers or for their own team. We can create new, custom interfaces or web portals linked to the system, making the application much easier to use.

Imagine adding a smartphone-optimized web portal to your legacy application, and you get the idea of how much difference an enhancement to a legacy system can make in the way you do business.

Rescue and Support

As they age, legacy applications can become more unreliable. These leads to more support requests or, in extreme situations, the need for a rescue intervention to fix pressing problems so your business can keep running.

It’s important to understand the state of your system so you know how proactive to be in your approach. If your application is old but in good shape, light support is appropriate. But if cracks are starting to show, it’s better to act quickly than wait for a bigger problem that takes your business offline.

Either way, your business needs a trusted software partner who will make the right recommendations with the right sense of urgency.

Transformation and Replacement

As we’ve discussed, integration or enhancement can often add life to a legacy system. But there comes a time when a legacy system needs to be transformed or replaced. Companies need a trusted software partner who can help them identify the right moment to make this major change.

At Worthwhile, we take great care before recommending replacing a system, because we know the impact such a change has on a business. If we do recommend a new system, we work hard to create a clear plan so our customers know what to expect. Then we use a proven process to ensure the product is tested before the business actually makes the switch.

No matter what shape your legacy application is in, a trusted software partner like Worthwhile can help you chart a smart and healthy course for the future. Your business deserves the effort put forth to make the most of this critical business tool.

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