Navigating Compliance & Regulation with Athene Annuity

Worthwhile Decreases Processing Time by 65%

Security, compliance, and regulation adherence are top of mind for Worthwhile clients. Even though there’s no physical gears in Athene’s retirement savings products, their metaphorical gears run nonstop. 

If your company does business in 34 different states — with different laws for each one — managing bureaucratic hurdles can either fall to frustrated (and hobbled) employes…

...or machines. 

Workforce Automation

All businesses need faster, more efficient employees. In Athene’s case, application processing was slow because their outdated software was even slower. Employees knew what needed to be done, but business processes that needed four steps took 17. Data entry teams couldn’t tab between fields — Worthwhile’s fix for that alone increased productivity by 50% and improved processing time for applications by 65%.

  • Simple, effective, and intuitive UI
  • Secure communications for sensitive pricing & IP
  • Data tracking and compliance
  • Seamless remote storage for offline use, cloud access of everything
  • iOS / iPad / Android

Frequently audited by state or federal agencies?

Can't Afford Safety or Compliance Mistakes? Is Customer Security Mission Critical? Let's Check Some Boxes.

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