How Worthwhile Works

Technology Consulting and Custom Software

Worthwhile’s Process = Your Key Difference.

Worthwhile is committed to delivering a No Regrets client experience.

While some firms in our industry exceed budgets, ignore deadlines, or deliver ill-fitting solutions, we work to make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the software we build and the experience you have with us. So we deliver fixed-cost estimates for all projects, and then deliver the work with No Regrets.

We focus on three things that help us give you a No Regrets experience.

We Understand Your Business and Your Users

Our solutions are custom-fit to you and the people you're engaging. We make sure we understand your specific landscape before making strategic recommendations.

We Partner For The Future

We want to be your software partner for the long term. So we work to earn your trust, every time, and seek your business success in every recommendation we make and everything we create.

We Deliver What We Promise

We work to clearly spell out the scope of work for your project, so we can give you an accurate timeline and a fixed-cost estimate. Then we follow through with honor and service in mind.


We're so committed to delivering a No Regrets client experience that we put it in our contracts. We won't close out your project or accept final payment until you tell us you’re satisfied with the solution we crafted for you.

Our Software Development Process

Designed to meet your needs, every step of the way


We work to understand your business needs, your market uniqueness, and your competitive situation. The goal is to determine what custom traits your software needs to succeed with users, and to help your business succeed.


We create a plan that begins to show what your system will look like as a finished product. This strategy will include creating the development specifications for your system, and drawing wireframes that define the functionality that your project will provide.


We craft visuals and words that will make life as easy as possible for your users and your business. We make sure everything we create works to serve your users as well as your business needs, and we communicate with you frequently so you can add your industry and business-specific expertise at each key step.


Using Django and Python, we will put pieces together so your system becomes a seamless part of your business. We’ll organize your project into milestones, which helps your team and ours understand how we’re doing in terms of development and timetable. We’ll also do robust testing during development, and so will you, so you have no surprises about how the system will work.


We'll work to become as big a proponent of your success as you are. We will work with you to understand when you’re ready to pursue new features and/or platforms. We’ll build your system in a way that makes additions seamless. Our team knows how to help you solve challenges and seize opportunities, and we will work to earn your trust, every time.

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