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Nick Marcie, Business Development Manager
Nick is equally skilled at pre-emptive problem-solving and providing a good laugh along the way. Whether you’re an existing client or looking to explore your Big Idea, Nick is your go-to strategy partner and the comedic relief you didn’t know you needed.


Justin Sardinha, Strategic Account Manager
Justin is your solutions-focused strategic expert, dedicated to putting your business ahead of the competition. He’ll kickstart your digital transformation journey, and he never says no to meeting over a beverage at one of many of his favorite local hangouts.

Success Stories

Software Innovation Leads to Big Data Solutions

What do you do when your business has a data problem, but you’re not completely sure how to fix it?

Up into the Air with Custom Web and Mobile Apps

Palmetto Air and Water Balance is strong regional business with plans to expand into more states.

Firm Increases Project Velocity with Software Innovation

McMillan Pazdan Smith Reduces Time-to-Completion on Major Reports.


Comprehensive Software Product Design, Development, and Operations

Pursue high-impact software solutions through iterative user-focused rapid prototyping, backed by the operational confidence you need as you continue to innovate.