Tier One Automotive Supplier Manages Eight Plant Schedules with Custom Project Management Workflow

Worthwhile Creates Efficiencies and Increases Turnaround

Ball bearings are needed in every motor, shaft, drive, joint, wheel, casing, and roller imaginable. Some bearings are tiny; others as big as a softball.

Each is a different size.

And when automotive OEMs roll out new product models, each car might require dozens of custom-sized bearings in materials common and elusive.

Software for Automotive Contract Manufacturing


Like a lot of automotive suppliers, JTEKT North America has multiple R&D facilities and fields OEM requests for large orders and contract manufacturing. Competitive and accurate pricing is paramount. 

Sales engineers and R&D manufacturing specialists are always looking for an edge. And when OEMs want samples (sometimes with short turnaround) during the bidding process, a micro assembly line and short-run tooling must be created from scratch. 

To make sure JTEKT’s R&D plants were all running at capacity and that the sales engineers could be aggressive with pricing and promises, Worthwhile turned a once-paper-process into an integrated visualization:

  • project scheduling across plants & facilities in multiple time zones
  • raw materials resourcing
  • personnel availability
  • project management workflow software

All in one.


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