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Worthwhile Led a Complete Digital Transformation

Palmetto Air and Water Balance is strong regional business with plans to expand into more states. But before moving forward, they knew they needed to standardize their operational procedures from branch to branch and move them off paper and into the cloud.

Then came a turning point. The vendor for Palmetto’s on-site mobile app dramatically raised its rates. The company’s leaders realized that they needed the kind of major change only a major digital transformation could provide.

But none of Palmetto’s business leaders had any experience in software builds—so they didn’t know what to do or how to do it. That’s why they hired Worthwhile to help them through change with a user-centric, iterative approach.

Worthwhile helped Palmetto replace the on-site mobile app with a custom app called Air Capture. Worthwhile also worked with Palmetto’s entire team to design a new custom web app called Air One that managed the bidding, sales, fulfillment, and reporting of all of Palmetto’s work. This app combined the best of CRM and ERP functionality to provide an operational solution that enforces standards and empowers growth. Throughout the process, we maintained a user focus that ensured that both Air Capture and Air One make it easier for Palmetto's employees to do their work more quickly and more accurately.

Palmetto knows that without Worthwhile, they wouldn’t have completed a major software build successfully. But with Worthwhile, Palmetto gained an enterprise-level web app custom fit for their business plus an on-site mobile app, all of it powered by continuous innovation and a relentless user focus. And they did it all at a five-year cost less than what their mobile app vendor wanted to charge. Now it’s a new day for Palmetto and the way it does business.

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