Django Web App Brings Legacy ERP Database Online

CUI is an industry-leading heating supply wholesaler whose business relies on stocking and quickly shipping orders to dealers in the eastern United States. Their business does incredible volume during the busy winter months. But because of their 30-year-old ERP, they couldn’t display inventory information or status to customers online.

Worthwhile created a new online product catalog for CUI, providing key e-commerce features such as product descriptions and real-time inventory availability. We built it all within a tight timeframe so the web application was up and running before CUI’s busy season began. The result is a lower cost of sales, more employee efficiency, and more satisfied customers.

Solution through Software Integration

CUI’s entire business relied on a decades-old ERP software, which didn’t even have an API to make data available to other applications. This required employees to conduct many duties on paper or over the phone, and required customers to call in to get up-to-date answers about product availability.

The legacy ERP was still business critical, and so the cost of changing systems in terms of money and manpower was too high for CUI to take on in the moment. CUI had to find a different solution that would make its existing ERP more functional.

Worthwhile designed and built a web portal that gave CUI the features and functionality they needed without having to replace the ERP. Using a flat-file ETL integration, our software developers made all of the product data in the ERP available online.

This system offered a dramatic improvement over the previous system of phone calls and expensive, out-of-date printed catalogs.

Employees were spending less time on the phone with customers, because customers could find information easily on their own. It also drastically reduced the need for 800-page printed catalogs, which CUI had needed to print, ship, and update far too often.

Both of these factors lowered the cost of sales for CUI and provided solid ROI for this software project.

Improving User Experience

Thanks to the new system, customers can easily find information about all the different brands CUI offers in one place, instead of having to visit many website. The software integration ensures that product spec sheets are up to date for every brand.

The system also indicates which SKUs are in stock and ready to ship, which is critical during the winter when heating products are in high demand.

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