Continental Tire

Empowering Employees Through Access To Resources

Continental Tire the Americas is a Fortune Global 2000 company with an impressive customer base, defined business processes, and immense employee resources. But the company documents were not easily accessible to the company’s large, far-flung sales force.

Continental Tire came to Worthwhile to develop the Conti360 app, a tablet-based app that gave the outside sales force immediate access to documents, no matter where they were. This access would increase employee efficiency, and the additional usability would enhance satisfaction.


Stringent Requirements for Security, Storage, and Access

As a large company, Continental Tire needed the app to fit perfectly within the organization’s larger digital portfolio. This meant adhering to the company’s strong security requirements for proprietary documents and data, and tracking what users accessed as an additional security layer.

The app also needed to store documents remotely for easy, quick access. We architected a solution that would provide this access without overwhelming device storage or compromising security.


Phased Approach for Immediate Results

Continental Tire had a quick timeline for the turnaround of the initial iteration of this app, so we designed a phased approach that started with an iOS app for the iPad and then expanded to a Google Play app for Android devices.

We also added additional animation and functionality to the app as we went along, making it an even more effective sales tool for Continental Tire’s employees.

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