Luxury Carmaker Stops Recalls with Big Data

Worthwhile Helps OEM Spot Problems Before NHTSA Does

Everyone is collecting data; almost nobody is making it actionable.

Recalls are a bad mark on any brand. Involuntary recalls forced upon the automaker through institutional oversight or litigation are bad for everyone.

With an eye toward increasing safety, predicting part failures before they’re a problem, and increasing customer satisfaction, a large luxury automaker approached Worthwhile about building an early-warning system scanning troves of data from dealership service centers in order to anticipate and stay ahead of any issues before the U.S. government could levy a major eight-figure fine like other carmakers have received for a mandatory recall.

Automotive Manufacturing Software

This automaker knew that Worthwhile is an expert in plant efficiency software, mobile field service productivity, and hardware/software integrations for heavy industry & equipment, manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace companies.

While the rest of the details of this project are held in confidence, here’s what we can tell you:

  • Making manufacturing & automotive big data actionable doesn’t have to take years
  • New dashboards (and data visualizations) can be created from scratch
  • We can integrate new data streams into your existing systems and workflow
  • We can work in agile sprints that adjust regularly based on user feedback and backlog priorities

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