Michelin Drives New Revenue Roads through Digital Services Innovation

Worthwhile consults and cultivates an environment of embracing the new

Michelin is known as one of the world’s best tire manufacturers, but the company does more than that. In fact, its services division is already serving thousands of fleet customers.

Michelin’s leadership wanted to throw its weight behind a new way of innovating to capture new digital services revenue streams while serving customers better.

But that was easier said that done. As with any large corporation, the organization worked well but moved slowly. And moving slowly in the increasingly rapid digital services market meant falling behind.

So as Michelin worked on creating a new customer lab to practice innovation, it looked for a partner to help existing projects move more quickly. That’s where Worthwhile came in.

Worthwhile worked across functions in both Michelin’s traditional way of business and in the new innovation context to ideate, evaluate, and build business cases for multiple ideas.

Then, once the customer lab began operations, Worthwhile became an idea and development partner, building working prototypes that allowed the lab to get buy-in from its customers to build a business case for industrialization.

Through it all, Worthwhile earned Michelin’s trust by recommending innovative steps backed by customer response, not by the billable hour. That’s created a continuing partnership that helps Michelin achieve its innovation goals.

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