Software Improvements to Automotive Manufacturing

Worthwhile Helps OEMs, Suppliers, and Retailers Find Hidden Profits and Efficiencies

For 20 years, Worthwhile has been merging high-tech productivity improvements with increasingly high-tech vehicles and vehicle production.

Based in Greenville, SC, we’ve preceded the wave of OEMs and Tier One suppliers opening up local manufacturing operations in the Southeastern United States. We’ve been there as companies sought to accelerate their deliveries with software and hardware in and around the manufacturing process. We’re innovation partners to automotive mega-brands and upstart contract manufacturing houses.

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Vehicle Safety

For a huge OEM, we combined troves of disparate data sources into a predictive visualization that lets them spot potential recalls before customer complaints pile up

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Plant Efficiency

For a Tier One supplier, we streamlined the R&D departments at eight different facilities so sales engineers can turn bids faster, with less risk

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Customer Satisfaction

By creating efficiencies and transparencies during production and shipping, we’ve made loyal customers for you and simplified relationship management

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Inventory Management

For a giant wholesaler, we updated legacy systems (function keys!) so their products could enter the loading dock and exit the shipping dock, faster

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Field Sales & Service

For a global tire company, we enabled remote employees to close business faster with offline access to sensitive pricing and customer data

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For Automotive, Manufacturing, and Heavy Industry, Worthwhile finds hidden profits and efficiencies in and around your machines.