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Building a Business by growing a software platform

Rally Prospecting’s business serves to help small and mid-sized companies find prospects for their relatively complex offering in relatively large markets. Rally’s team is filled with experts in prospecting best practices and using them to grow the bottom line.

Rally’s mission-critical tool is its Prospecto software platform. This proprietary software integrates data from email campaigns and website visits to surface contacts who are ready to become prospects.

The proprietary Prospecto software benefits Rally Prospecting’s internal team in growing the business, and is a leading reason Rally Prospecting grew from 0 full-time-employees to 10 over just 18 months, while enjoying 30% Revenue growth. Thanks to its current software offering, Rally Prospecting is adding an average of three clients a month, and has a client base of more than 50 companies." 

Building a Business by Building Software

When Rally Prospecting originally came to Worthwhile in 2012, the business and the software was still in startup mode. Rally had no full-time employees, and had developed Prospecto as money allowed. That left many functions to be done manually, which limited the growth Rally’s small team of owners could foster.

Rally came to Worthwhile to fill in the gaps in the software system, limiting manual effort while adding important functionality. Over the course of two years, Worthwhile worked with Rally in a retainer relationship to add automation and make the software reliable.


Leaping Forward in User Experience

In 2015, Rally worked with Worthwhile to upgrade Prospecto with a new dashboard interface powered a custom algorithm that drives a user-friendly experience. Rally created a custom set of rules, based on data in the Prospecto system, data integrated from the Net Results email and website visit tracking platform that Rally also uses, and business logic to create rules for automatically listing priority contacts. Worthwhile built an algorithm and an engine that sorted tens of millions of database records to automate these rules so system users can see at any time what the top priority actions for any individual user should be at any given time. This engine updates in real time, giving users a powerful way to make productive sales contacts without having to sort large prospect databases themselves.

This dashboard provides power-user functionality to all users, in an intuitive way that saves time and eliminates on-boarding training. This allows sales people to spend less time identifying prospects and more time contacting those prospects, with the added benefit that the rules engine identifies prospects who are most primed to respond. The results are more contacts and a shorter sales cycle, both of which accelerate business growth significantly for Rally and its customers.

Technical Solutions

The Prospecto software is a Django/Python application that integrates with the Net Results platform through an API plus a custom Python connector. The advanced algorithm processes millions of records in Prospecto’s database and tens of millions of records imported from Net Results’ database using SQL and Celery. This complex programming is custom developed to automate Rally Prospecting’s business logic and to process the data in Rally’s large database. Celery processes the algorithm in the background constantly, so a user gets an updated priority list based on the rules engine and the latest data at any time. The home view dashboard uses Highcharts to present important data so it’s understandable at a glance.

Our company depends on the mission-critical applications that Worthwhile developed for us. We enjoy working with the Worthwhile team because they bring both technical expertise and creative thinking to find solutions to our challenges."

Mike Cannon

CEO, Rally Prospecting

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