Mint Museum

Interactive Design, Cutting-Edge Technology

The Mint Museum, based in Charlotte, N.C, is uniquely positioned as one of the elite art museums in the southeast. It is renowned for its unique collection of American art and its world-class collection of craft and design.

The Mint Museum’s website is a key part of its marketing and promotion strategy. The site garners over 1 million page views a year, and most visitors view multiple pages on the site to interact with art and find happenings they can participate in.

In 2015, Worthwhile converted The Mint Museum’s site into the Django platform. The Django CMS gave the museum’s team more open capabilities to accomplish the things they wanted to do, and also positioned to succeed now and in the future.

As a museum, we have to be mindful of how we’re spending money. We need to create things people are going to use, and things that can grow as the museum continues to grow. Worthwhile has helped to give us strategies. If we have questions, or if we’re unsure about something, they’ve never pressured us. They offer reasonable information about what it means and how we can best leverage it to our advantage.”

G. Scott Queen

Digital Media Manager, The Mint Museum

Social Solution for Teens

The Mint Museum received a grant from three major foundations to create an online space to encourage the next generation of museum goers to engage with art and with each other through its NexGen Mint initiative. Worthwhile helped the Mint Museum’s NexGen team take its initial idea for a blog and transform it into a user-friendly yet simple space that encouraged conversation of this generation.

The Mint Museum collaborated with Worthwhile to create a strategy for the NexGen microsite, and then Worthwhile took this vision and developed a cutting-edge social mashup page that included Twitter and Facebook posts, comments, and user-contributed videos and blog entries.

We had a limited budget, and there was some real ingenuity from Worthwhile's end to see how we could make the most of it.

G. Scott Queen

Powerful Integrations

The Mint Museum’s website is compelling because it provides engaging online access to the museum’s collection database. This lets users decide what art they want to see before they even arrive.

This online collection database is powered by a software integration with the EMu Museum Management System. This software, specific to the museum industry, stores all the data about art. However, EMu does not provide a natural way to display this information online in a user-friendly way.

Worthwhile used the existing EMu API as the starting point, and then created custom interfaces that reorganized the information in the collection database so it made sense to site visitors. The result is a powerful web app that engages users and ultimately spurs them to visit the museum.

This new approach we’re taking creates a different kind of user experience where people come visit the collection digitally. It’s like art is around the corner on every page of our website. This integration isn’t an easy feat, and it’s not available to every off-the-shelf option.”

G. Scott Queen