Kincierge is a Charlotte, N.C.-based startup that offers consumers and caregivers an alternative approach to in-home medical care. Instead of having to work through an agency, consumers and caregivers can connect through an Uber-like peer-to-peer web app.

As a result, consumers get care from providers they trust at a lower cost, and caregivers gain flexibility to set their own schedule while making a better hourly rate than they could with an agency.

To power this innovative concept in homecare, Kincierge needed a custom web application with complex user management and permissions, as well as a robust calendar function that allowed consumers to view availability based on a caregiver’s set schedule and preferred availability.

Worthwhile built this business-critical web application using Django and Python. The app is built to be scalable as Kincierge grows and expands into new cities, creating a valuable asset for the business and for future investors.

Worthwhile quickly understood the complexities of our new business concept. Their talented team took a challenging project and broke it down into manageable parts to ultimately produce an incredible product. Worthwhile is an invaluable partner in helping us create our vision.”



The entire idea of Kincierge’s business is to connect consumers who need homecare for themselves or their loved ones with caregivers who provide that care, and to do so without an agency middleman that adds cost and red tape to the process while reducing flexibility and personal connection.

To do this, Worthwhile built Kincierge a Django web application with robust user management. This starts with a caregiver application process that ensures all caregivers are fully vetted and have certifications and other documents on file. Worthwhile also built a review system so the Kincierge community can identify and celebrate the best caregivers.

Worthwhile solved for the complexity of user permissions by keeping users’ personal information hidden until a match had been made. This allowed users to search for care with confidence, knowing their privacy was protected throughout the process.


The powerful key to Kincierge’s web app is the calendar functionality. Caregivers set their preferred availability, changing it on a weekly and even daily basis to fit their flexibility needs. Consumers then search for caregivers who offer homecare during their needed windows.

Worthwhile built this calendar functionality based on the django-scheduler package. We customized this package heavily to allow for repeated availability and repeated visits, to save users time and effort. We built calendar views using the jQuery plugin Full Calendar and then customized the calendar to ensure it made sense to users and fit Kincierge’s high end visual brand.

These powerful calendar features are automated so consumers and caregivers can manage them on their own, saving time and eliminating the need for manual administration. The result is a sustainable system for Kincierge—which means lower prices for consumers and better pay for caregivers.


When a caregiver logs in and logs out, Kincierge records GPS tracking data. This ensures that care givers accurately record hours actually spent on site so billing is accurate and trustworthy. This technical innovation provides an extra level of security for customers, and automates a key management task for Kincierge’s team.

Worthwhile’s project management was outstanding. They had the talent in place to help us create our vision and lead us through each step to get us across the goal line.”


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