Genie Games

Strategy for a Digital Startup

Genie Game’s founders, college students at Clemson University, had a big idea for driving mobile game traffic by offering prize entries for frequent gameplay.

While the founders had spent a lot of time building out their innovative idea, they needed help fleshing out the idea, and they needed a software partner who could bring it to life.

The client engagement started with a three-part workshop designed to examine Genie’s idea in detail. This workshop proved valuable, because it helped Genie’s founders identify ways to fortify their business plan.

Talking to Worthwhile helped us realize there were things we hadn’t thought of that needed to be addressed to make it a complete idea. We could tell Worthwhile’s team had experts in developing an idea and making it something customers would want.”

Tony Ashy

Founder, Genie Games

Envisioning a Pivot

The Envision step in our process led to a turning point in Genie Games’ history. Their initial idea included building a company around building iOS games and incentivizing players to participate through prizes, but the workshop revealed that building an incentive platform that could go into any iOS game gave the business more value.

Based on this realization, Genie Games pivoted its minimum viable product, building this platform first while waiting to launch a proprietary iOS game using this platform.

Worthwhile helped us get not just the product we wanted, but something better than what we walked in the door with. You really helped us make our idea have a lot more potential.

Tony Ashy

Business-Focused Software Innovation

Worthwhile built an innovative Django-based platform for Genie that integrates naturally with just about any iOS game. Worthwhile delivered the idea to Genie, and helped the founders understand the high-level custom software that powered it.

I could tell Worthwhile had pride in its work. As someone who isn't too familiar with software development, that made me comfortable, and gave me a lot of pride in the work too."

Tony Ashy

A No Regrets Experience

Beginning with Genie Games’ first interaction with Worthwhile’s business development team, the founders were struck by how Worthwhile listened and cared about developing the idea into a viable business.

Then throughout development, Worthwhile proactively communicated with Genie Games, and was responsive whenever the startup had questions—and they arose regularly, given the groundbreaking nature of the idea.

The result was a rewarding client engagement that empowered Genie Games to take the next steps toward entrepreneurial success.

The experience was great. Worthwhile took great care and consideration. Worthwhile helped me develop my idea into something I’m passionate about and something I really believe is going to be successful.”

Tony Ashy

Founder, Genie Games

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