Manufacturing Profits with Technology Innovation

Worthwhile Makes Your People and Machines Smarter, Faster, Better

From windows to whips (cars), Worthwhile has been asked to enter many a plant, warehouse, or shipping facility and answer, “What’s wrong with this picture; where are the hidden profits?”

By looking at your people, processes, and systems running your operations, we can find ways to maximize your investments in machinery, tooling, and talent. 

Plant Efficiency

For a Tier One automotive supplier, we streamlined the R&D departments at eight different facilities so sales engineers can turn bids faster, with less risk

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Inventory Management

For a giant wholesaler, we updated legacy systems (function keys!) so their products could enter the loading dock and exit the shipping dock, faster

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Field Sales & Service 

For a global tire company, we enabled remote employees to close business faster with offline access to sensitive pricing and customer data

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For Automotive, Manufacturing, and Heavy Industry, Worthwhile finds hidden profits and efficiencies in and around your machines.