Python/Django Software Developer

Greenville, SC

Awesome Developer Wanted!

We need a Web Developer to join our Greenville team. If you have experience with Python/Django, then get excited, because that's what we do. But if you have a few years of experience in an MVC like Rails or .NET MVC, and you're willing to become a Django fan, we'd love to talk with you.


Note: If you don't have the experience, we're happy to talk to you about an entry level job, but our current priority is an experienced developer.

We're Looking for Someone Like This:

  • Motivated and energetic: We like to laugh, talk loud, and crush the burndown chart.
  • You're a freakin web developer, and you know how to build projects! You'll do application architecture, give input to our art director, do the frontend dev, and build the Django backend.
  • You take client and team feedback to make your project awesome and shepherd it to production.
  • We don't want to hire someone that's a serial killer, or worse has no sense of humor.

Experience Requirements

  • 2 years MVC experience (we like Django)
  • 2 years SQL experience (we like postgresql)
  • You know front-end: HTML/CSS & JavaScript (we like Bootstrap, LESS, jQuery, and React)
  • You can draw a wireframe or at least design a system from wireframes (no need to be an artist)
  • A portfolio is required

How to Apply

Interested? Fit the description? Send a resume and cover letter to

Please put "Greenville Python/Django Software Developer" in the subject line.