How to Solve the Automotive Industry's ERP Problem

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Who is this guide for?

Auto parts manufacturers.

We developed this whitepaper specifically for the auto parts manufacturing professional. We’ve discovered that those who are interested most in ERP issues are those who use the ERP—CTOs, managers, supervisors, and engineers. Our Greenville, SC agency is located at the heart of thriving automotive industry, so we recognize the pivotal and important role that auto parts manufacturers play.

Those who are curious (or frustrated) about automotive ERP software solutions.

When it comes to software ERPs, we know how frustrating it can be. Cost, implementation, and feature list are all common categories of ERP frustration. If you’re frustrated, you’re not alone. We think that this whitepaper will guide you towards understanding the issues, and targeting a solution.

Automotive industry change-makers.

We gravitate toward those who want to change things for the better. If you’re eager for positive change in your industry, you’re going to find the way forward in this white paper.

People who want results.

At the end of the day, it’s all about results. The solution we are proposing offers just that—revenue-driven results that will help your automotive manufacturing organization succeed.

  • You’ll discover the exact problem with most automotive ERP software, and how your ERP might be costing you millions of dollars.
  • You’ll figure out the range of possible solutions to the automotive ERP software crisis.
  • You will uncover the benefits that you’ll experience as a result of a successful ERP solution.
  • 4 specific questions that will diagnose your ERP’s shortcomings or successes.
  • 7 reasons most automotive manufacturing firms don’t get the ERP help they need.
  • 24 features of a powerful ERP in the automobile industry

Odds are, your ERP software of choice is pretty good at some applications. But it’s likely that your ERP isn’t meeting all your needs, and it may even be doing more harm than good to your business.

Most automotive industry software solutions are decent. They deliver just enough to get the job done. But there are also the frustrations — it’s slow, it doesn’t do this, it needs this feature, it’s old, etc.

These are problems, sure. But the real problems are far more extensive, affecting the core features of the automotive industry — speed, delivery, accuracy, client satisfaction, compliance, and cost.

Simply overlooking these problems doesn’t change anything. In fact, overlooking these problems or symptoms, could be compromising the effectiveness of your business.


We want to help the automotive manufacturing industry succeed. As custom software developers located in Southern Auto Corridor, it’s our passion, and it’s our expertise.

The role of ERP in the automotive industry is too big to overlook, too important to neglect, and too costly to put off. Automotive manufacturing software needs to change. 

We want to show you the automotive industry software solutions that have helped other businesses achieve new levels of success.